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A Woman In Charge
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Praise from the Critics for A Woman in Charge

“A Woman in Charge . . . stands as a model of contemporary political biography . . . Bernstein has produced an excellent book: thorough, balanced, judicious and deeply reported . . . He offers a three-dimensional portrait of a person with enduring strengths (discipline, tenacity, a sustaining religious faith) and weaknesses (excessive secrecy, a tendency to self-righteousness and a habit of nursing grudges)…Bernstein almost always finds new facts and telling details…[His] account benefits enormously from remarkably candid on-the-record assessments of both Clintons by intimates such as close friend Jim Blair and Betsey Wright, Clinton’s gubernatorial chief of staff in Arkansas.”

—Ronald Brownstein, Los Angeles Times

“With admirable judiciousness and fastidious research, Bernstein explains everything about Hillary's rise. A Woman in Charge, in fact, is the most reliable Hillary Clinton biography to date, a must-read for anybody closely following the 2008 campaign.”

—Douglas Brinkley, Boston Globe

“Hillary Clinton is somebody you think you know... which makes Carl Bernstein's new bio, A Woman in Charge, so surprising. Fresh, complete and detailed, it offers a welcome chance to recalibrate our gauges on her. You already know it's quite a story, but Bernstein fleshes it out as never before. He takes us from the hallways of Park Ridge's Maine East High School (where the yearbook wags called her Sister Frigidaire) to the intimate awkwardness of the White House family quarters as Monicagate descends. Bernstein, the famed All the President's Men journalist, is dead solid perfect in his reporting here …The detail and digging on display in A Woman in Charge is stunning.”

—John Barron, Chicago Sun-Times

“Serious, well-researched and fair…A Woman in Charge is . . . painstaking, sensitive and elegantly written.”

—The Economist

“A remarkably revealing portrait.”

—Byron York, The Wall Street Journal

“Carl Bernstein presents a . . . balanced and convincing picture of Mrs. Clinton . . . He also poses the essential concerns voters will need to confront in deciding whether they will support Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 candidacy.”

—Robert Dallek, The New York Times

“[Carl Bernstein] has not lost his reporter’s touch, and A Woman in Charge has already refocused serious questions—and supplied new information—about Hillary and Bill Clinton, their past behavior and their current ambitions to regain the White House.”

—Kevin Phillips, The Washington Post Book World

“You could say Bernstein has written the definitive book on Hillary.”

—Lynn Bronikowski, Rocky Mountain News

“Bernstein’s A Woman in Charge is sprightly written, often insightful in its judgments, and studded with factual nuggets that enhance the Hillary saga.”

—Walter Shapiro, Salon.com

“This book is really a considerable achievement.”

—Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor

“Those who adore Clinton (and those who despise her) will find anecdotes to savor in Bernstein’s account. But the book aims higher, trying to illuminate a person who remains a mystery to millions. To pry open that truth, the author tracked down sources who might shed light on Clinton’s character. He spoke to friends, mentors and staffers; he gained access to the papers of the late attorney Diane Blair, one of Clinton’s closest friends. The work paid off.”

—Josh Getlin, Los Angeles Times

“A Woman in Charge revisits in revealing and compelling detail the spiritual and fleshly perils that shaped the [Clintons’] journey.”

—Chris Lehmann, New York Observer

“A layered, thoughtful, critical biography of the woman who, at this writing, seems poised to become the 44th president of the United States…[a] revealing, admiring, often surprising book.”

—Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“Eight years in the making, Bernstein’s thorough look at Hillary Clinton is both fair and fascinating…the quotes make the book…Through [his] interviews, Bernstein moves the Hillary story to a deeper place.”

—Ilene Cooper, Booklist

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